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Our Terms for Project Funding


Terms and Conditions for arranging Project Funding, JV Project Funding

Procedures: Applicant should submit 8 to10 pages of the projects along with submission fee or Rs. 15,000.00 and Engagement Fee of Rs. 50,000.00/-. On receipt of the Conditional offer, acceptance, RWA from the facilitators, Banks, Financiers, Lenders etc. for the purpose of Project Funding, 100% Leveraged JV Project Funding, Project Funding under Bond Programme. Borrower has to pay Rs. 1,00,000.00 (1 Lac) and the Applicant will deal with Bank directly without involving Surya Capital. Retainer fee of Rs 50,000.00 per month till finalization of the proposal, all the charges paid are adjustable from the service charges of 3% which are to be paid to the Surya Capital from disbursement.

[1] Any Fee, Charges, Funds etc paid to Surya Capital on account of foreign facilitators, Lenders, Banks, will be a service to the borrower and Surya Capital will not be responsible for any refund and the party has to deal directly as per the policy of the facilitators.

[2] All copies by email and fax are considered as original and hard copies.

[3] The borrower has to meet all direct and in direct expenses pertaining to promoter meeting, Verification of the collaterals properties & Retainer ship Charges till the time the proposal is finalized/disbursed to be paid to the Surya Capital and will be decided during the Promoter meeting.

[4] The borrower has to obtain all necessary permissions from various Government Department at his own.

[5] All loans are at the sole discretion/satisfaction of the lending bank, Surya Capital or their agent shall not be responsible.

[6] The applicant will deal with the bank/financers/lenders at their own risk and responsibilities and after verifying and satisfaction about the credentials of the respected lenders/financers etc.

[7] The Applicants/Borrowers undertakes not to deal directly or indirectly with the Financier/Banks/Intermediaries introduced by Surya Capital.

T & C* apply at the sole discretion of the Banks, Lenders, Financiers and Investors.

Disclaimer:- Surya Capital is only arrangers or Independent Financial Consultants and are not Lenders, Providers, Financiers, Bankers or registered with any Financial or Government Institutions. All Transactions are at the sole discretion of the concerned Banks/Lenders/Financiers, and as per their terms and conditions. As Financial facilitators we provide Service to Borrowers for arranging finance facilities on their behalf and provide proposals to investors of the borrowers for their processing and acceptance. As facilitators we provide services to the borrowers and investors and are fee based and assume no risks, responsibility or liability on behalf of the borrowers/lenders.

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